​​​​​​​PUre ideas for comfortable floor design


PU – short for polyurethane – used as a comfortable floor has convincing and individually adaptable properties such as elasticity, tear and scratch resistance. It provides a wide variety of colours for a range of applications. 


To convince you of the unique properties and unlimited decorative possibilities of the MasterTop PU floor systems, we designed  the MasterTop PUre floor design concept, representing our focus on the purity of material and design combined with functionality and sustainability.​

To fuel your creativity and help you make the right choice, the Master Builders Solutions experts have developed the PUre floor book​. Presenting a wide range of designs. It shows how creative MasterTop comfortable floors can be – ​and what you can expect from the experienced experts in high-quality decorative floors.

Lorenzo Ambrosini

Regional Segment Manger Phone: +41 58 958 24 17