Cement additives for air entraining and plasticizing of masonry cement.

Formerly: Cementium 5000 AE

What is MasterCem AE 5000?

MasterCem AE 5000 is a liquid, ready-to-use additive for masonry cement or other cements requiring air entraining.

Cements produced with MasterCem AE 5000, once mixed with water, show an air entrainment the range or 10-20%. The air bubbles are properly sized and well dispersed in the paste, acting as tiny, flexible ball bearings. As a consequence, the fresh paste is better workable, easier to place, and with better cohesion, allowing great savings in application time. This is particularly valuable in vertical walls jobs. MasterCem AE 5000 also increase the water retention of the fresh paste that hardens in a more controlled way without breaks and cracks leading to greater resistance to freeze and thaw.

In addition to acting as air entrainers, MasterCem AE 5000 work as a grinding aids and pack-set inhibitor, with positive impact on grinding efficiency, cement conveyance and storage.

What are the fields of application of MasterCem AE 5000?

MasterCem AE 5000 products are developed for application in the cement grinding process in:

  • Ball mills (closed and open circuits)
  • Vertical mills
  • Other cement grinding systems

What are the benefits of MasterCem AE 5000?

MasterCem AE 5000 products offer the following benefits to cement production:

  • Enhanced mortar paste workability due to the air entraining effect. Faster mixing and application, with fewer efforts for workers and better cohesion to walls. Reduced bleeding and segregation.
  • Improved plaster quality (less cracks) and durability, due to better water retention and more regular hardening.
  • Cost reduction and optimized cement operations, due to lower unit grinding energy (kWh/t), faster conveyance and optimized storage.