Ready for Winter - Safe concrete repair and faster concrete hardening during the cold season

In winter, low temperatures and harsh weather conditions slow down the renovation process while time delays and extended periods of downtime drive up costs. What's more, conventional repair mortars quickly reach their application limits in wintry conditions.

To avoid high costs and unplanned delays, BASF Master Builders Solutions offer concrete hardening accelerators and fast-curing repair mortars that speed up renovations, ensure high durability and extend the service life of the building – even at low temperatures.

MasterEmaco: fast and reliable – even at low temperatures

With fast-curing MasterEmaco products, repairs can be carried out within one night, even in the most adverse weather conditions. This minimizes downtime and accelerates the entire renovation process.

To avoid cold-induced failures and application risks, our MasterEmaco T product range offers powerful repair mortars that can be handled without problems at temperatures as low as -25°C.

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Working below zero

Master X-Seed Video

Watch the video about Master X-Seed, convincing in Winter Concrete Applications

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